Minimalistic pdf and ps viewers for linux - Winter/Spring 2012

I'm reading bunch of pdf and ps files recently. After a system upgrade in arch linux, segfault in gv happened. For couple years, I was using gv for viewing pdf and postscript files. This segfault made me to dig in to current trends in linux pdf viewer.

My preferences are:

I took a try to these viewers:

Those fullfilled my requirement were evince and zathura. Choosing between these two, zathura met my taste more. Another alternative is mupdf, which uses less memory than zathura, but has no supports for postscript files. If memory usage of zathura become a problem, I'll try mupdf plugin, or seek for alternative again. Until that happen, using zathura.

Lessons I learned: sometime it's not a bad thing to get segmentation fault with package update, if it give opportunity to look for progress in opensource softwares with same purpose, and find a good alternative.

TAGGED: linux, pdf, ps