How to manage this site

I sometime forget how to manage this site.

This site is managed with hakyll, a package to manage static html contents written in haskell. The contents of html is in a git repository hosted in github, served as html with github pages.

The contents of hakyll codes, css, template used to generate the site resides in gh-pages-8c6794b6, and the git repository for generated contents is in 8c6794b6.github.com repository.

When writing a new post, I start writing a new file under posts/ directory in gh-pages-8c6794b6 repository, and generate the html:

[~/repos/gh-pages-8c6794b6] $ emacs posts/new_post.mkd
... edit the post
[~/repos/gh-pages-8c6794b6] $ ./hakyll build

The generated output will be created under _site directory. The _site directory is a git submodule of gh-pages-8c6794b6 repository. When finished generating the html files, commit the contents of _site:

[~/repos/gh-pages-8c6794b6] $ cd _site
[~/repos/gh-pages-8c6794b6/_site] $ git add -i
... add new post, new tags, update archives, rss, tags, etc ...
[~/repos/gh-pages-8c6794b6/_site] $ git commit -m "Add new post"
[~/repos/gh-pages-8c6794b6/_site] $ git push origin master

Now add the updated submodule to gh-pages-8c6794b6 repository:

[~/repos/gh-pages-8c6794b6/_site] $ cd ../
[~/repos/gh-pages-8c6794b6] $ git add -i
... add submodule, new post, etc ...
[~/repos/gh-pages-8c6794b6] $ git commit -m "Add new post"
[~/repos/gh-pages-8c6794b6] $ git push origin master

And the new post is published.

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